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Aquatopia Conservatory

Cactus (Assorted)

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These drought-tolerant plants prefer bright direct light and make the perfect addition to your window sill. 

We carefully select your succulent based on current availability. For a specific variety, please call us before placing your order or visit our greenhouse to choose from our collection. You can also note your preference at checkout and we will accommodate where possible. Purchase may vary from photos. 

Light: High Light (bright direct)
Foot Candles: 200 - 250+
Water: Allow to dry completely between watering
Humidity: Not required
Temperature: 18°C+
Soil: Cactus mix 
Container: Self-watering or pot with drainage hole
Nutrients: 10-5-5 Spring & Summer
Propagation: Seed, leaf pullings, or removal of pups
Interiorscape Use: Tabletop, desert-themed terrarium
Common Pests: Mealybugs, Aphids, Spider Mites, Scale, Thrips
Common Issues: Root rot from over watering. Prone to stretching with insufficient light. 
Toxicity: Many succulent varieties are non-toxic. Please call us if you require a pet or child-friendly succulent. 
Additional Information: Plants may go dormant when exposed to extreme heat. The leaf rosettes will die off after flowering. Available in many growth habits and colours.