Living Room Plants

If you're ready for a refresh, it's time for some new houseplants! Plants not only make a room feel more cozy and welcoming, but they're also good for your mental and physical health. Plus, a now-famous 1989 NASA study found that houseplants can reduce indoor air pollutants such as benzene and formaldehyde. More recent research has shown that plants boost mood and creativity, and also reduce stress. And let's be honest: We all need less stress these days!

When you're adding to your plant family, take a look at your lighting situation before you buy. Indoor plants that prefer bright light generally need south-facing windows, where the most concentrated light is available. East- or west-facing windows also are good, but the light is less intense. But if you don’t have windows or sufficient natural light, get an LED grow light! Many different types are available, including floor lights and lights you can clip to an end table or bookshelf. The good news is that plenty of plants tolerate low light conditions. Also, if your pets are nibblers, make sure to choose plants that aren't toxic if ingested (although any plant may cause tummy aches and GI upset if eaten by pets).

Now, check out our picks for the best living room plants to green up your space

  • Spathiphyllum wallisii - Peace Lily

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  • Aloe barbadensis - Aloe Vera

  • Alpinia zerumbet 'variegata' - Variegated Shell Ginger

Peace liliesare one of the most common houseplants because they’re fairly easy to grow and are beautiful, too!

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Light | BrightWater | Let dry completely Soil | Cactus mix Get ready for warmer days with the miraculous medicinal plant, Aloe Vera! Widely used to relieve sunburns, help...
Light | Bright, filteredWater | Keep soil moistSoil | Well-draining potting mix
Spathiphyllum wallisii - Peace Lily
Aloe barbadensis - Aloe Vera
Alpinia zerumbet &

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