Aglaonema commutatum - Chinese Evergreen - In Ecopot

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These miracle plants are among the top air purifying plants available! They also survive more neglect than most tropical plants.


Aglaonema commutatum                      

a-glah-oh-NEE-ma   com-mu-TAY-tum

Common Names: Chinese Evergreen, Pewter Plant 

Family: Araceae 

Origin: Subtropical Asia

Growth: Upwards, clumping

Light: Low

Foot Candles: 50 - 100

Water: Allow to dry partially

Humidity: 30%+

Temperature: 18°C - 26°C

Soil: Regular potting mix 

Height: Approx. 3.5'

Nutrients: 15-10-10 Monthly in Spring & Summer  

Propagation: Seed or division

Interiorscape Use: Shaded areas, air-purification

Common Pests: Mealybugs, Aphids, Spider Mites, Scale, Thrips.

Common Issues: Root rot when overwatered, leaf necrosis in areas with a draft.

Comments: Tolerant of many conditions. Can remove air pollutants such as formaldehyde and/or benzene often found in cigarette smoke from interior environments. Hundreds of different cultivars and varieties.

Toxicity: Animals may display the following symptoms: struggle to swallow, irritation and swelling of the mouth, may vomit, foam at the mouth, and excess drooling.  Other symptoms include a rash and mucous membranes irritated. Large quantities must be ingested to experience symptoms.