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Dypsis lutescens - Areca Palm

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The best palm for indoors! Loves low light conditions!

 Dypsis lutescens                      

DIP-sis loo-TESS-enz

Common Names: Areca Palm, Golden Cane Palm, Butterfly Palm, Betel Tree, Indian Nut

Family: Arecaceae

Origin: Madagascar

Growth: Upwards, clumping

Light: Bright, indirect

Foot Candles: 175+

Water: Keep evenly moist

Humidity: 40% - 90%

Temperature: 20°C - 32°C 

Soil: Well draining potting mix

Container: Self-watering planter

Nutrients: 10-10-10 Monthly  

Propagation: Seed or division

Interiorscape Use: Large potted plant, atrium

Common Pests: Mealybugs, Aphids, Spider Mites, Scale, Thrips.

Common Issues: Root rot when sitting in water. Fronds may crisp in direct light or when exposed to a cold draft.

Comments: ‘Butterfly Palm’ refers to the leaves which curve upwards in multiple stems to create a butterfly look. The fruit is commercially grown for consumption mainly in India and has an intoxicating effect that is also mildly addictive. Often chewed with a betel leaf. Very rarely flowers and produces fruit indoors.

Toxicity: Safe.