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EXT Pond Pump



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    Aquascape EXT Pond Pumps are ideal for providing recirculating water in recreational ponds that require an external style of pump. The high flow rates of the EXT pumps make them perfect for supplying water to waterfalls, wetland filters and water jets. All EXT pumps have an oil-free design and a low RPM fan-cooled motor that provides quiet operation and a long life.

    The EXT Pump Plumbing Kit (Item #48027) provides all of the necessary fittings and valves to make the EXT pump easy to install, prime and operate. Once primed, the pump can be turned on and off without priming as long as water remains in the suction line. If you’re looking for a non-submersible pump for your water feature look no further than the Aquascape EXT Pond Pumps.


    Compare EXT Pond Pump Models

    EXT 12000 EXT 12000-3P EXT 18000 EXT 18000-3P
    Model Number 45049 45051 45050 45052
    Inlet 3" 3" 3" 3"
    Discharge 2" 2" 2" 2"
    Maximum Flow (GPH) 12,500 12,500 18,400 18,400
    Maximum Head Height (Feet) 21' 21' 45' 45'
    Maximum Power (Watts) 1,100 736 3,300 1,932
    Maximum Current (Amps @ Volts) 10 @ 115V 3.2 @ 230V 30 @ 115V 8.4 @ 230V
    Maximum Current (Amps @ Volts) 5 @ 230V 1.6 @ 460V 15 @ 230V 4.2 @ 460V
    Phase Single 3-Phase Single 3-Phase
    Motor HP 3/4 1 3 3
    Motor Enclosure TEFC TEFC TEFC TEFC
    10ft Power Cord*

    *The EXT 12000 pump includes a 10ft electrical cord with a 115V grounded plug. This cord can be removed and reconfigured by a qualified electrician to meet the electrical requirements of the project. The other EXT pumps do not include an electrical cord due to the pumps electrical requirements and should be configured and installed by a qualified electrician.

    EXT Pond Pump
    EXT Pond Pump
    EXT Pond Pump
    EXT Pond Pump
    EXT Pond Pump