Ficus benjamina 'Wintergreen' - Weeping Fig

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Ficus benjamina                      

FY-kus ben-jah-MEE-nah

Common Names: Weeping Fig, Benjamin’s Fig, Golden Fig, Java Fig, Tropical Laurel, Chinese Banyan

Family: Moraceae

Origin: Tropical Asia & Northern Australia

Growth: Upwards, branching

Light: Full sun

Foot Candles: 250+

Water: Keep evenly moist

Humidity: 30% - 60%

Temperature: 18°C - 35°C

Soil: Well draining potting mix

Container: Self-watering planter

Nutrients: 15-10-10 Monthly  

Propagation: Seed or grafting

Interiorscape Use: Large potted plant, atrium

Common Pests: Mealybugs, Aphids, Spider Mites, Scale, Thrips.

Common Issues: Root rot when sitting in water. Leaf drop with insufficient light or watering. Will develop aerial roots with higher humidity.

Comments: A very common indoor tree. The sap will quickly ooze from any wound on the tree and resembles milk. One of the most popular trees for indoor bonsai.

Toxicity:  Can cause itching of eyes, coughing and wheezing following frequent contact; skin irritation with itching, redness, and stinging following contact and exposure to sunlight, as well as gastrointestinal irritation. Rarely effects humans but pets are more vulnerable, especially if any part of plant is ingested.