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Guzmania Assorted



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    Guzmania lingulata                    

    guz-MAY-nee-uh lin-gyoo-LAY-tuh

    Common Names: Scarlet Star, Droophead Tufted Airplant, Orange Star, Vase Plant

    Family: Bromeliaceae

    Origin: Mexico to Tropical America

    Growth: Clumping

    Light: Bright, tolerates shade

    Foot Candles: 200 - 250+

    Water: Keep foliage vase filled with water. Refresh water to prevent stagnation.

    Humidity: Rainforest like humidity, tolerates lower

    Temperature: 18°C+

    Soil: Very loose bark based growing medium

    Container: Any size due to insignificant root system. Drainage required. Can be mounted as an epiphyte. Works in living walls.

    Nutrients: Not required  

    Propagation: Carefully remove offsets, also known as ‘pups’

    Interiorscape Use: Adds colour to any area

    Common Pests: Mealybugs, Aphids, Spider Mites, Scale, Thrips.

    Common Issues: Root-rot. Water filled vase can become stagnant and smell. May also create a breeding ground for pests. The plant is typically replaced when it has finished flowering. 

    Comments: Available in a stunning variety of colours. Very easy to care for and cheap to produce. Leaf edges may be sharp with spines along the ridge. 

    Toxicity: Safe. 

    Guzmania Assorted
    Guzmania Assorted