Spathiphyllum wallisii - Peace Lily

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Spathiphyllum wallisii                      

spath-ee-FIL-um wall-iss-ee-eye

Common Names: Peace Lily, White Sails, Spathe Flower, Cobra Plant

Family: Araceae

Origin: Tropical America

Growth: Clumping

Light: Low - medium

Foot Candles: 50 - 150

Water: Keep evenly moist

Humidity: 30% - 60%

Temperature: 16°C - 26°C

Soil: Regular potting mix

Container: Self-watering planter, living wall

Nutrients: 15-15-10 Monthly  

Propagation: Seed or division

Interiorscape Use: Low-maintenance flowering plant, reception, living walls

Common Pests: Mealybugs, Aphids, Spider Mites, Scale, Thrips.

Common Issues: Prone to leaf droop but will come back just fine. 

Comments: The plant enjoys being somewhat pot-bound and thrives in self-watering reservoir type planters. Will flower throughout the year with minimal fertilizing. The NASA Clean Air Study found that Spathiphyllum wallisii cleans indoor air of certain environmental contaminants, including benzene and formaldehyde.

Toxicity: The leaves of the Peace Lily can be poisonous if eaten in large quantities. Symptoms include severe pain in the mouth and a burning sensation to the lips, tongue, and throat; difficulty swallowing.