Interiorscape Services

  • Patios & Terraces

    Patios & Terraces

    Families and friends, forced to spend more time at home, have redesigned their patios and terraces into sanctuaries of serenity and connection.

  • Moss Walls

    Moss Walls

    Moss Wall is a unique modern art that brings the benefits of nature to any living or working environment. Its unassuming brand of beauty is at home on virtually any wall.

  • Living Walls

    Living Walls

    Living green walls are panels of plants, grown vertically using hydroponics, on structures that can be either free-standing or attached to walls

  • Office Plants

    Office Plants

    Office plants add a welcome touch of green to homes and offices. They help bring nature indoors as they brighten drab corners, decorate tabletops or bookshelves and even purify indoor air.

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  • Residential


    we love styling with houseplants. After all, plants make our spaces look prettier, help us feel happier, and maintain a peaceful environment

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  • Atriums & Conservatories

    Atriums & Conservatories

    The Aquatopia Greenhouse features a stunning array of tropical plants for sale throughout the year including: patio palms, flowering & fruiting trees, hanging baskets, succulents, cacti, and potting plants.

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