At Aquatopia, we love styling with houseplants. After all, plants make our spaces look prettier, help us feel happier, and don’t require an overwhelming amount of attention (promise!). So whether you're a first-time plant parent or introducing plant to your tiny apartment, we're here to help it look its best in your space. That’s why we’re sharing design tips, DIYs, and lots of other completely doable ideas to help you decorate with the green growers in your home.

Plants in Interior Design: How to Make Your Home Flourish

Living, breathing, and delightful. Plants have crept into interiors, and they are here to stay. Their colors bring such richness indoors a room is incomplete without them. What’s more, using plants in interior design can increase your aesthetic appeal in no time, not to mention added health benefits to bringing the outdoors in. Read on for everything you need to freshen up your space with greenery!

Interior Decorating with Plants Tips and Tricks

Indoor plant design dates back to 1,000 BC, China. Far from functional, pot plants were purely ornamental. In fact, having cultivated flowering trees in a home was a sign of nobility and status. As the adoration of manicured greenery continues, so does the accessibility.Stunning flower marketspop up near neighborhoods and nurseries. Anyone can have a jungle-esque indoors. And all you need for a flourishing space is to stick to the basic principles of interior decorating with plants. Here are the first few to get started.

Assess Your Space

Plants can fit any room, big or small. But it’s still vital to determine which type will work better in your interior. For instance, akokedamaor wall planter is great for a small room with a limited surface area. On the other hand, a large potted tree fits the drama of a spacious family room with a vaulted ceiling. You can also include a plant-only shelf as a living decoration. 

Get to Know Your Plants

When decorating with plants indoors, you need to be mindful of how much sun and water your plant needs. You can pick from a wide range of low-maintenance greenery. This includes shade, semi-shade, full-sun, evergreen, and deciduous plants. 

Pick the Right Container

The pot or planter box must meet two criteria. It must match your interior style and also be big enough to hold the correct soil and drainage. You can even opt for wall-mounted arrangements, like moss or herb walls. 

Play with Heights & Sizes

Make the most of your vertical and horizontal space. Arrange various plants – from tall to slim and stubby – in clusters to create a balanced vignette.