Natural Swimming Ponds

natural swim ponds provide a stunning alternative to traditional pools sterilized with chlorine and salt. Turn your backyard into a wonderland of excitement and fun for the whole family with a beautiful pond that blends seamlessly into its surroundings, and serves as a dramatic focal point for your home.

Most natural swimming ponds feature two distinct areas. The shallow areas hold aquatic plants, bacteria, and insects who work to continually purify the water. The deep central area serves as the swimming portion of the pool.

Say Goodbye to Endless Maintenance

Traditional swimming pools come with plenty of upkeep requirements, including routine visits from pool professionals who must clean the filter system, add expensive, irritating chemicals, and test the water levels. Although definitely not maintenance free, natural ponds take a more organic approach, using the actions of aquatic plants and healthy bacteria to keep the water safe for your enjoyment. Much like with a traditional swimming pool, the level of maintenance required in a natural swim pond will depend on your personal tolerance for leaves, debris, and sediment. The difference is that having some of this material in a pond looks perfectly natural, whereas it can make a pool look neglected and unkept.

Year Round Enjoyment

Outdoor spaces aren’t only a great diversion in the warm summer months, but they can serve as enjoyable destinations throughout the year. We utilize elements like fire pits to provide a toasty solution for staying warm, with native plant landscaping featuring hardy plants that can weather the chilly winter weather. Some homeowners even use their pools for ice skating when the temperature drops low enough.

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