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Square Shade Sail

Color – Lime Green


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The Coolfit® Nesling Shade Sail is very versatile and a perfect addition to a garden or terrace. Certainly also suitable for business purposes such as catering establishments or daycare centers. Thanks to the open structure, the fabric is water and wind permeable and therefore it can stay outside throughout the Summer season.

The Coolfit® fabric is easy to clean with warm water, a soft brush and gentle soap. The edges are finished with reinforcement tape and on the corners the Shade Sail contains stainless steel 316 delta rings.

Key Points:

  • Sizes are measured from corner to corner including triangular delta rings;
  • The Shades Sails have an inwards curve;
  • Please consider to calculate 40cm over the length and width for mounting materials.

Please Note: 

  • Discounted due to imperfect packaging, and/or missing packaging, and/or gently used like new condition.
  • Mounting hardware is not included. Option to purchase Nesling hardware separately; please contact our store for details. 
Square Shade Sail